[kde-edu]: Automatic keyboard layout and different fonts

Daniel Kühnhenrich dkuehnhenrich at gmx.de
Sun Jul 12 02:15:33 CEST 2009


I want to switch from my standard vocabulary program 'Langenscheidt 
Vokabeltrainer' to Parley. In the moment I spend most of the time 
learning Russian. As there is an own Cyrillic alphabet I would like to 
configure an automatic switch between the my Latin and Cyrillic keyboard 
layout when I am entering new vocabulary. Is there a possibility to do 
that or do I need to switch the layout every time manually?

I would like to import my old vocabulary data. In order to avoid the 
manual switch I created an own font which consists only out of Cyrillic 
letters. So when I type something with the Latin keyboard layout and 
this font there are only Cyrillic letters. In the 'Langenscheidt 
Vokabeltrainer' one could define a different font for every language, so 
I took the Cyrillic font for Russian and Arial for German. Is there a 
possibility to define fonts specifically for every language?

Thanks for your help!

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