[kde-edu]: New contribution: test prep questions for the Californian Voice Data Video Certification

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Jan 12 09:41:58 CET 2009

Scott Aldinger wrote:
> I would like to contribute my own set of prep questions for the Californian 
> Voice Data Video Certification. The VDV exam is a series of 55 questions. Thus 
> I am arranging the lessons/prep tests in groups of 55 questions. I am aiming 
> for a 6 lesson series of which only one is yet complete. I am attaching said 
> lesson, which is licensed under the GPL v2. Comments and corrections welcome.
> --Scott Aldinger
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Hi Scott and thanks for yor contribution.

I detected a typo
<text>Tension on the cable should net exceed the weight of one arm.</text>
net -> not?

I checked it in Parley, it's perfectly OK!
After having your opinion on the typo above I'll commit it in our 

Thanks a lot for this very useful practice doc,


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