[kde-edu]: Moving KTouch webpage to edu.kde.or

Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Wed Feb 11 10:02:46 CET 2009

Hi folks,

maintaining two webpages with a very very small time frame for KTouch  
maintenance becomes difficult (that's why the KTouch website is quite  
outdate for some time already). Since we have the source code inside the  
KDE repository, and we have a nice edu.kde.org webpage, I suggest moving  
the information from the KTouch webpage in condensed form to the  
edu.kde.org page (similar to KStars http://edu.kde.org/kstars). This will  
make it easier to keep it updated and we can, eventually, just redirect  
 from the ktouch.sourceforge.net page to edu.kde.org/ktouch (and maybe  
shutdown the sourceforge project alltogether).

Also, to handle all these submissions of keyboards and lectures, which I  
just can't all check and verify anylonger, I would like to just post them  
in a "Contributions" section of this KTouch.edu.kde webpage and have them  
available for download with just the short information snippet I get from  
the contributor's emails. That would make life easier and prevent the long  
delay between me getting mails with contributions and finding those in the  

What do you think? Would that be a meaningful thing to do?


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