[kde-edu]: KTouch development info

Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Mon Sep 29 13:22:16 CEST 2008

Hi again,

to anser Pino's questions:

> What is the real reason behind this?
> This is a partial nonsense, Phonon is mandatory for KDE 4, and you cannot 
> build any KDE 4 application without Phonon.

At first, sound support in KTouch isn't really working anyway. The desired  
effect, a type-writer-like sound when pressing a key did not work with the  
old sound system, and does not with the new one. The Phonon::GameCategory  
backend (which I was told would be the type to choose for this kind of  
application) is also not working/implemented.

Right now this leaves KTouch with a number of "Sound options" that do not  
have any effect at all to the program. Instead of removing the options, I  
created the define to improve the quality of the program (= remove  
currently useless options). As soon as Phonon is sufficiently well  
implemented and working, the flag can be removed again. Until then, KTouch  
is silent, but at least it meets the QA criteria.

> Phonon works under Windows, from what I know. If there is a problem, then 
> instead of "waiting for $something", then please contact the Windows guys 
> about that, instead of working around with a non-solution.

When I install the KTouch version on Windows it complains about a missing  
libphonon.dll. So probably the dependencies are not set correctly for the  
KDEEDU programs. By removing the linkage to (the yet unused) Phonon  
library, this problem is also fixed. Priority-wise, I think that reviewing  
the lectures and keyboards in KTouch is more important than fixing the  
sound, so IMHO the compile-time flag for the build system seems a workable  

However, I would greatly appreciate if someone has the time and expertise  
to get KTouch working with neat type-writer sound.


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