[kde-edu]: KDE Hot New Stuff for Kanagram 3.5.x?

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Tue Oct 21 20:49:39 CEST 2008

Dear list,

on our school's terminalserver (Debian Edu + LTSP) I run KDE 3.5.x.
Possibly there are some outdated / unsupported backports, whatsoever:

I can download new languages and word lists for khangman.
But for kanagram I get only Italian and English lists.

Just checking settings on my home based PC, there are (only local) 
German categories (only!) - but not any entry in "Get new hot stuff".

Actually, I can only change between languages German and English at home 
(but this doesn't give me an English entry in GNHS) and Italian and 
English at school.

Any hints?

While typing, I tried
"apt-file search kanagram"

and encountered

.. I will copy my German de subdirectory to the LTSP.

Kind regards

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