[kde-edu]: [was: Re: Linker error in marble tests)] - Communication problems

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Sat Jul 12 17:55:42 CEST 2008

Anne-Marie Mahfouf schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am not sure what this is all about but let's be clear.
I have to excuse myself for my mail yesterday night (especially to you) 
and I have to take back some stuff, and make some other stuff more precise.
> On Saturday 12 July 2008 04:11:07 Patrick Spendrin wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> concerning the linker error that would come up when building kdeedu
>> 4.0.85 with unit tests enabled:
>> The problem was the missing export of the class PntMap in GeoPolygon.h .
>> This problem was fixed in r827502 (
>> http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=827502 ) already.
>> Although I more or less introduced this error by enabling unit testing
>> in marble, I dislike the way I am addressed for
>> errors like this. I sometimes feel that people are disappointed because
>> I am working on windows more than on linux
>> and as such people behave different towards me and any errors.
> You have no right to say so, especially not to me. I invited you to the Edu 
> meeting, remember? Didn't I include you as part of the team?
That is true and that is why I was so astound over your behaviour - but 
a better explanatio of that below.
> I do not monitor your commits and in fact I thought you are a GSoC for Marble. 
> Nobody cares whether your commits are for Windows or what else and I never 
> heard anyone even mentioning Windows.

>> I like to contribute to kdeedu but I would prefer if people think before
>> they hold me responsible for what they think to be my fault.
> define "people" here please.
> ----
> Very often on IRC people ask me for this or that, not because they think I am 
> responsible for it but because they think I'll do my best to help them. 
> That's why I asked you yesterday to help this user, as tackat and ingwa are 
> not there, I thought as a Marble person you would know about it.
I am pretty sure that in this very case you would have been redirected 
to me anyway.
> The responsible of the whole kdeedu module is ME and the rest of KDE (the 
> release Team, the Release Dude, the translators, the packagers,...) relay on 
> ME for the module to build, to respect freeze, to have no show-stoppers, to 
> manage dependencies in a sane way and so on. 
> If a snapshot does not build then it is MY fault. As such when a user asks 
> something about an Edu program I feel involved and I try to help.
> I volunteered for being the Edu Release Coordinator and I am taking this 
> opportunity to tell everyone that I'd be happy to pass it on to someone else 
> at any time. This role is only to ensure that the general Release rules are 
> followed and this position is intended to ease the Release Dude work load. I 
> feel I have quite failed for this release.
> The problem is with Marble development in general as they were many changes in 
> the code while we are on freeze. I am not sure what all these changes are but 
> they often break compilation or string freeze or even dependency chain... I 
> don't think they were necessary during freeze and I said so both via mails 
> and on IRC. 
I feel guilty for breaking compilation especially in this case. The main 
problem yesterday was fixed in svn already as I said and it is such a 
basic error on windows that I was sure nearly everybody would know how 
to fix it just by hearing the error message. I just realized that this 
is a wrong thought and not many people know how to fix this error yet 
(it will happen with newer gcc versions more often).

To close this here, I want to ask you again to excuse my bad email tonight.
> Anne-Marie
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