[kde-edu]: Kontest - a KDE frontend for Community tasks.

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Thu Jan 31 19:54:53 CET 2008

Dear list,

sometimes it's good to start - top down - with a mere frontend while the 
backend does not even exist. 

A recent discussion on kde-artist about SVG wallpapers made me wonder:

Why not addressing the wide communtiy of KDE-edu users (students in the 
1st place) in a direct way in order to give them the chance to 
participate in the design of their very desktop? 

Think of a set of RSS-feeds (or the like) presenting current contests 
where wouldbe artists can get attention and honour and maybe even cash:
Design the new logo for inKscape or the new default wallpaper for KDE!

In order to make use of the international range of students, the 
underlying scheme must be quite simple, so filtering and translation 
can be done automagically. I think of fields like:


Possible entries:
KDE Wallpaper,2008-03-03,Graphic,any,none,svg,ratio 4:3,pride,GPL,...
Debian Bootsplash,2008-05-02,Graphic,any,none,png,Debian Logo,pride,GPL,
FOSS paper,200802,Text,eu,en|de|es,odt|pdf,Thesis on FOSS,1000EU,CC|GFDL

The frontend "Kontest" would then display these (possibly filtered by 
country or area) in a readable form - localised using pre-defined tags:

Task: Design a KDE Wallpaper (ratio 4:3) under GPL, and get famous as 
its author. The Graphic should be handed in at (URL) in SVG format.

Task: Design a Debian Bootsplash (Debian Logo) under GPL, and get famous 
as its author. The Graphic should be handed in at (URL) in png format.

Task: Get a 100EU award by writing a FOSS paper (Thesis on FOSS) in 
English, German, or Spanish. The document must be licensed under CC or 
GFDL. Restricted to citizens of EU.

Maybe it's music of the future ringin in my brain - but what do you 
think of it, anyway?


P.S.: As for SVG wallpapers: It might contradict the destination of 
vector graphics, but of course it is possible to embed pixel graphics 
into an SVG. For example, this map displays 151 schools world wide that 
use KDE-Edu together with Debian Edu (Skolelinux):
(Rendered by PHP. Wait 10 sec to have all layers - use ksvg to zoom in!)

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