[kde-edu]: update kvtml files via internet

Falk Dechent fadef at gmx.de
Thu Jan 24 13:01:08 CET 2008

once more about kvtml. The most kvtml will evolve over time thus new 
vocabularies will be added.

So here it comes... I'm learning russian in a course and once I had my laptop 
with me and worked with parley. So everybody said wow cooool what is this 
where can I get it? well that's no problem.

But the problem is with changes in the kvtml file like spelling errors AND 
keeping the current grade of the lesson.

I don't know if anybody thought about this problem? 

well I know that diff and merge are really powerfull but this won't do, 
because of spelling mistakes: If I trained a word with the wrong spelling - 
the corrected version sould loose all grades and practiced/wrong counts!

my Idea: extend the kvtml format with:
html link to latest version
uniqe identifier for each entry

download latest version, 
compare each entry with same identifier
-- if change in vocabulary or prounaciation or wordtype don't transfer the 
grades and wrong counts
-- else transfer ranking
replace old file with new one...

Well this will probably lead to some confusion if a well know vocabulary in 
last grade moves down to last one, because of a unimportant spellingmistke in 
the prounanciation but that's live.

Although this deletes of course all user changes - so we need another way to 
let the user interact with the maintainer to EASILY report spelling errors.

Oh damm I just realized that there is a "merge" menu entry in parley is this 
one supposed to Do what i described above??? 

So well I just want to share my voc files easily with friends to they can 
pratice easily on their own. (they have (NO)^100 clue about what 
kernel/*nux/kde is so they will have to wail till all apps will run unter 

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