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Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Sun Jan 20 11:36:12 CET 2008

Hi Michael, hi list,

I guess it's my job to respond here too :)

El Saturday 19 January 2008, Michael Hofer escribió:
> Hello!
> I didn't follow the kde-edu developments for a long time and was
> positively surprised when discovering Parley in KDE4. While it's still a
> bit rough around the edges, I think Parley is a big step forward in KDE
> vocabulary programs and has the potential to become one of the best
> vocabulary programs overall. Thanks to the whole KDE Edu team for
> providing such good programs!
Thanks (keeps me going)!

> One bit I found missing in Parley, is the ability to print vocabulary on
> flashcards for learning while on the road / not in front of your
> computer. While this might be possible with some XML/XSLT magic, I went
> to save some trees and did it another (better?) way: Since I had to
> learn JavaME anyhow, I started to develop a small JavaME program for
> mobile phones which loads KVTML2 files and displays the entries for
> learning. The project is hosted at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mobvoc/ . I will release a first usable
> version in the next days and announce the release here.
Wow, I have to find out, if my old crappy phone supports that :) Any tip how 
to do that?

Still, I'd like to get some help with the xml stuff because that is the most 
comfortable way to get printing usable.
(Do step forward, if you have a little html knowledge, time and an idea, how 
the result should look like. Code wise, I'd do it, it's really more of a 
design question and some research. It's not much work, but I'm not doing it 

> While analyzing the KVTML2 files (produced by Parley 0.9.0 released with
> KDE 4.0.0), a few questions arised:
> - There are some elements in the XML, that do not appear in the DTD
> published on http://edu.kde.org/kanagram/kvtml2.dtd . Are these the
> first signs of a new format (KVTML3) or is the DTD just out of date? Are
> there more changes to the XML planned for the near future (or already in
> the SVN version)?
I hope we can keep kvtml2 for quite some time. The only things from my side 
that will eventually come are:
 - changes to the way synonyms are saved
 - more grades (to individual conjugation forms for ex) so additional tags may 
be included
 - maybe genders for adjectives
 - a new container, Leitner Box, though we already implement spacial learning 
with the blocking feature, this seems to be of interest to some people.

(Yes, I have a list of changes I'd do to kvtml3 but that's not going to happen 
for a year or two at least, so no worries there ;) )

Anyone feeling like writing DTDs? Or even better, write an up to date xsd 
(there is one already... but also out of date).

> - When I first read through a KVTML2 file, I thought that the "id"
> attribute of the translation correlates to the "id" attribute of the
> identifier (language). But when I change these IDs, the language mapping
> in Parley doesn't change. In fact, the mapping appears to depend only on
> the order of appearance in the XML file. Is this the supposed behaviour?
Bug here. Should change... could you file a bug report (bugs.kde.org) so it 
doesn't get lost?

> Thanks for you help,
> Michael
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Big thanks to you!
Greetings to you all

Parley - The Vocabulary Trainer

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