[kde-edu]: Martin Pelmore, Credit Counseling: Could it Work for Me?

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Martin Pelmore, Credit Counseling: Could it Work for Me?

In the face of financial hardship, many seeking a responsible solution turn
to credit counseling. Credit counseling is, all too often, the last stop
before bankruptcy. That is, of course, not to say that credit counseling
prevents bankruptcy altogether. There are more cases than one might think
that end up in bankruptcy court after credit counseling has failed to remedy
the financial woes of the debtor.

It is doubtful that the failure of credit counseling for some consumers can
be blamed on the credit counseling company. Sure there are some cases but,
more often than not, credit counseling fails to end financial problems
because the person who ran up the debt in the first place continues to run
up the debt or doesn't stick to the budgeting that they were taught through
credit counseling.

If you are thinking of pursuing credit counseling, it's important to
remember that, as with any counseling, you get back what you put into credit
counseling. You can't expect miracles from your credit counseling company.
Credit counseling is all about working with you, not working for you. Credit
counseling is not going to solve your financial problems, but rather teach
you to solve your own financial problems and avoid getting back into them.

Even if you relapse into debt after successful credit counseling, it is
still, most likely, going to be a better option for you than bankruptcy.
Credit counseling can be a wealth of knowledge, even if you have a hard time
putting it into, or keeping it in, action. Sometimes there are more
complexities behind financial problems that just can't be solved through
credit counseling. Once you have dealt with all of the issues surrounding
your debt appropriately, the education you have gotten in credit counseling
can ultimately lend to your financial success and freedom from debt for

Timothy Gorman is a successful webmaster and publisher of
Debt-Relief-Solutions.com. He provides more debt relief, bankruptcy and
that you can research in your pajamas on his website.
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