[kde-edu]: Notes to Translators of KTurtle on edu.kde.org

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Fri Jan 4 11:49:51 CET 2008

Burkhard Lück wrote:
> Hi,
> working on kturtles translation I fixed some issues (errors, spelling, 
> clarifications) on http://edu.kde.org/kturtle/translator.php, diff attached.

This seems to correspond to an older version of the page? I edited it 
last week (removed some outdated info about examples), but there is 
still one spelling error in your patch that I missed.

> Btw, the string "substract" in the GUI seems to be misspelled, shoudn't this 
> be "subtract"?

Yes, that is a bad spelling error. Thankfully it happens only in the 
error messages when you use bad terms for a subtraction, and is not in 
the main definition of the command.

I will wait a couple of days and commit the changes, do not want to 
disrupt the tagging.

Mauricio Piacentini

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