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On Saturday 16 February 2008 17:36:42 RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Am Samstag 16 Februar 2008 schrieb Hans Chen:
> > I can't think of another application with this "fixing" feature, and
> > that makes me a little hesitant. On the other hand, as I mentioned,
> > there are problems with the drag and drop interface too.
> Maybe we should bring this question to a usability list.
Good idea.

Actually I've thought about drag-and-drop before, but for most tools it won't 
be very convenient and fast: for example to connect two bodies with a spring 
you need to:
- click on the tool icon,
- drag from the first body to the second body (and this will also set rest 
length of the spring)
In the case of d&d you need to:
- drag from the toolbar
- drag first end from the spring
- drag second end from the spring
- manually set its rest length
And I still have no idea how to edit created polygon (which surely should be 
possible, but I still can't invent how to do it). Another point is 
that "fixing" is more convenient (requires less clicks and mouse movement) 
when creating several instances of the same object, for example several 

> Anyway, I do know some applications using fixed tools - all using
> different key codes (shift/control, doubleclick).
> I will try to name some:
> dia uses shift key.
> ktechlab uses double click
> ProphetCharts uses shift.
> I think, some non-free gimp clones like fotostudio use these options
> too.
> Regards
> Ralf
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