[kde-edu]: activity-oriented tutorials

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Fri Feb 15 16:21:48 CET 2008

Le Friday 15 February 2008 12:13:02 am Arindam Ghosh, vous avez écrit :
> Hi
> The first cut of the KHangman tutorial is done. Have a look
> [http://arindamghosh.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/add-the-country-word-list-in-
>khangman/] Please comment & put up suggestions for improvement :-)
woow! very very nice!
there are a few points to improve, mainly the location of the kvtml file has 
changed from kde 3 to kde 4 and a few typos.
But like the KGeography one, it's very clear and nice to look at!
> So, I have updated the license tag to GPLv2+ in both these documents
Thanks! Superb!

> >  We could make the "little logo guy" an icon on the website pages to
> > signal the presence of a tutorial.
> Well, this would look really cool...
> >  The next step is to look how and where to integrate the files on the
> > website
> Yeah...this is a thing that also needs be addressed. I mean we can
> certainly put the tutorials in the svn but /me also looking for a
> suitable location within the svn. What do you suggest regarding this?

The tricky thing is translations. I think maybe translations should be in the 
corresponding l10n module and linked from the Edu webpage (how to coordinate 
that is another matter)

Albert, you are the l10n guru and I think it's better that I leave you the 
decision about the svn location if you do not mind.
> >  (I guess the original other than pdf should also be integrated)
> Of course....both the odp & pdf should be integrated. Something like this..
> ["logo guy"] points Tutorial: Add the country word list [ODP | PDF ]
:) yes

On your side, you might want to do 2 things:
- ask for a svn account that includes the whole www/sites/edu (normal svn 
accounts exclude www area so mention in the mail that Annma agrees to it)

- ask the PlanetKDE maintainer to get your blog (or KDE part of it) syndicated 
on the Planet. 

I'll be away for one week starting on tomorrow without internet so don't worry 
about my forced silence!

This is totally what our users need! 

Best regards,


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