[kde-edu]: [Step] Suggestions

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Thu Feb 14 17:43:46 CET 2008

Hi Hans, 
hey, this is an intense test report with thorough suggestions.

Am Mittwoch 13 Februar 2008 schrieb Hans Chen:
> 2.1 To solve this problem, I suggest to rename Stop to "Pause".
> 2.2 Add a new "Stop" action that resets everything to how it was
> before you pressed "Simulate". A little bit like "Reset", but I think
> it would make sense with "Stop". Think of an audio player. This is
> probably my most wanted feature.

Sound sound to me. Maybe have no stop at all, but:
reset - play - pause
  |<      >      //

Resume (after pause) can be done with > or //.


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