[kde-edu]: kmplot documentation

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Thu Feb 14 16:54:19 CET 2008


I am fixing errors in the kmplot documentation and need some help from the 
I tried to mail David Saxton <david at bluehaze.org>, but the mail could not be 
delivered the last week.

Here are some questions:

Chapter 5. KmPlot Reference
Function Syntax + Extensions seems to be wrong
Entering f(x)=x^2; A1 gives a syntax error.
What's wrong in the docs? How to fix it?
Has the Mathematical Syntax changed?

Menuitem Edit->Reset View 
Resets the view to what?

DCOP/DBus chapter
I changed a lot of DCOP funtion to the appropriate qbus calls, but could not 
find these DCOP functions in qdbus:
editScaling, editFonts, editConstants, newFunction, newParametric, newPolar, 
slotEditPlots, slotCoord1-4, getYValue, functionFColor, functionF1Color, 
functionF2Color, functionIntColor, setFunctionFColor, setFunctionF1Color, 
setFunctionF2Color, setFunctionIntColor.

Any help is appreciated

Burkhard Lück

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