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FAQ Interactive, Rapper/Actor T.I. To Post a Video Message on Hip-Hop Social

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 13, 2007 -- On Thursday November 12, 2007
Grammy Award Winning Rapper/Actor T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris,
will use a user generated video message on Hip-Hop Social Network
StreetCred.com to make his first public comments since his release about the
Federal Firearms charges against him, as reported by several media sources
on Sunday, October 14, 2007. (). The video message will be taped at
T.I.'shome where he is under house arrest. It will be posted November
12, 2007 in
primetime at 8pm E.S.T. on StreetCred.com.

  T.I.'s video message is an historic event as it marks the first time a
major Hip-Hop artist has used user generated video on a social network to
make significant statements regarding matters of this nature in the public
arena. This allows T.I. to talk to the public in his own words about his
confinement, his release and his response to the federal charges of which
his attorneys will vigorously defend to prove his innocence.

 The video can be accessed at . Media outlets, which use T.I.'s video
message, from StreetCred.com, must provide mandatory on air credit to "

 About StreetCred.com:

StreetCred.com is a social network for the Hip-Hop culture that offers
interactive connections between Hip-hop celebrities and web users.
Subscribers are able to access chat forums, theme clubs, personal profiles,
videos, photos, music, upload user generated content and more.

StreetCred.com which was launched in July of 2007 is headquartered in
Atlanta, Georgia.

 Among the celebrity Hip-Hop artists already associated with
StreetCred.comare Diddy, T-Pain, Nelly, Fat Joe, Kid Rock, Common,
Snoop Dogg, and Lil

 As of November 11, 2007 StreetCred.com has more than 36,000 registered
users, has recorded more than 500,000 unique visitors, 6 million page views
and has web traffic from more than 150 countries and territories worldwide.

 The C.E.O./Founder of StreetCred.com is Rocky Williform, an ex-hostile
takeover investment banker and Co-Founder of Atlanta food and beverage
company BodyBlocks Nutrition Systems Inc.

 Media Contact:

Ceci Bush

(404) 767-4000, ext. 325

ceci @ streetcred.com

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