[kde-edu]: Parley status update

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Tue Apr 29 23:06:24 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I am very happy that two summer of code projects will be dedicated to Parley!
Welcome Avgoustinos Kadis and David Capel!
They will be adding two extremely great features:

Right now seems to be a good time to update you on Parley as a couple of 
things are happening.
We have a dedicated Parley mailing list now:
parley-devel at kde.org
feel free to join if you have an interest in that app. Looking forward to 
ideas and nice discussions. Also just drop a note if you want to get started 
coding of course.

As we are getting closer to having an alpha release of KDE 4.1 now is a good 
time to start testing. Feature freeze is on, so it would be great to get 
everything stable and clean.
Thanks for reporting bugs on bugs.kde.org, I am happy to see that some of you 
are already playing around with what will become the new Parley ;)

Speaking of which - there is a new possibility to export to HTML which is 
great for printing. So far there are two templates (XSLT files) which create 
either flashcards or a list. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Frank Siegert 
who is doing a great job there. If you want to play with these files, they get 
installed into kde/share/apps/parley/xslt. It's fun to see how easily you can 
create good looking HTML from you vocabulary. If you come up with a great 
layout but lack some XSLT voodoo, speak up, I bet we can make something 

Spell checking - had been requested for quite a while. Assuming you have the 
appropriate dictionaries installed (aspell, hspell packages mostly) it should 
work somewhat now. Let me know how it works, because I didn't have the time to 
test it yet. I bet you have great ideas to add to this!

New (better?) Interface. I think it's pretty cool, the main window has changed 
a bit and it is easier to more efficiently edit vocabulary. Maybe there are a 
few hints and improvements needed.

Since I like to break things, you can guess the current state of Parley. But 
it is becoming quite usable again. So I would really appreciate feedback and 
testing again from now on :)
It worked so great for the first release that there were very few fixes to be 
made in the 4.0.x branch.

Also give the new guys a chance to get their hands dirty fixing your bugs, 
will you?


If you have trouble getting Parley built (the current svn version should work 
with KDE 4.0 still) let me know.

And really broke at the moment is copy and paste. Don't even ask... Or do ask 
if you want it in 4.1 ;)

Parley - The Vocabulary Trainer
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