[kde-edu]: Step: Crash when enabling opengl

Vladimir ks.vladimir at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 19:04:27 CEST 2008


I'm sorry for such late reply, I'm very busy now. Thanks for reporting the bug 
and for the patch. I've fixed the problem by using QPointer for 
_centralWidget instead of plain pointer: this way it is automatically set to 
zero when the widget is deleted.

I know about non-visible widgets in OpenGL mode, but I still don't know how to 
fix it :-(. In the future I plan to switch to widgets-on-canvas instead of my 
current implementation and this problem will be fixed automatically.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Next time I'll try to answer sooner :-)

On Sunday 06 April 2008 00:02:50 Philippe Widmer wrote:
> Hi,
> after sucessfully compiling step (see my previous mail), I played around
> with it a bit and found the following bug: When I enable or disable the
> OpenGL mode while e.g. one of the tutorials is open, step crashes
> (backtrace attached).
> As far as I unterstand it, the problem is that
> WidgetGraphicsItem::_centralWidget gets deleted, when the current viewport
> is changed in WorldGraphicsView::settingsChanged (as the viewport is the
> _centralWidgets parent). Therefore it is already destroyed when the
> destructor gets called (but it isn't set to 0 obviously). The attached
> patch fixes this for me.
> Another problem I found is that in OpenGL mode the text (among other
> things) in the tutorials is not displayed. The boxes of the text are
> present, but there is no text in there (see attached screenshot). The
> problem seems to be between the KTextEdit Widget and the QGLWidget (and
> other widgets used on top of the QGLWidget like the slider of the
> "stiffness controller" in tutorial 2)
> Thanks in advance
> phil

      Best Regards,

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