[kde-edu]: Parley and conjugation

Miriam Bürse miriam at buerse.de
Sat Apr 5 19:16:39 CEST 2008


Today I tried out Parley an wanted to learn French irregular verbs.
I have set the Type to Verb, the Tense to Präsens and set the articles 
and personal pronouns.
They I have edited the conjugation of one verb to test it. When I set 
the type to Verb I cannot define the conjugation? Why that?
When I don't set the type to Verb I can edit it but when I start the 
practice there comes the message that:
There are currently no suitable expressions for the test you started.
There are several possible reasons for this; maybe you do not have any 
expressions for the type of practice you requested.
Most likely, you should adjust your settings referring to thresholds and 
blocking values in the practice options:
should the configuration dialog be invoked now?

Can you tell me, how to configure Parley to lern the verbs?

Thank you!


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