[kde-edu]: Step is moved for review to be included in kde-edu for 4.1

Vladimir ks.vladimir at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 21:27:27 CEST 2008

On Thursday 03 April 2008 23:18:43 Uwe Thiem wrote:
> On Thursday 03 April 2008, Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> > 5.2. More examples. Let me repeat this: More examples :-) Serious,
> > the teachers told me they find it a bit hard to construct examples.
> > They understand how to do it and would manage it but with more
> > examples it would be possible to (instead of constructing a
> > completly new .step-file) start with an example and modify it for
> > your own needs.
> Let me pipe in here with an experience from SchoolNet Namibia. Once
> Step is out in the wild (I mean released with KDE 4.1) create an
> online place where teachers (and students?) can share examples which
> will then be downloadable via KNewStuff. An avalanche of new examples
> might see the light.
Very good idea ! Actually Step already has knewstuff download and upload is 
planned for 4.1. But online website with a list of examples will be nice 
addition too.

      Best Regards,

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