[kde-edu]: Step is moved for review to be included in kde-edu for 4.1

Uwe Thiem uwix at iway.na
Thu Apr 3 21:18:43 CEST 2008

On Thursday 03 April 2008, Carsten Niehaus wrote:

> 5.2. More examples. Let me repeat this: More examples :-) Serious,
> the teachers told me they find it a bit hard to construct examples.
> They understand how to do it and would manage it but with more
> examples it would be possible to (instead of constructing a
> completly new .step-file) start with an example and modify it for
> your own needs.

Let me pipe in here with an experience from SchoolNet Namibia. Once 
Step is out in the wild (I mean released with KDE 4.1) create an 
online place where teachers (and students?) can share examples which 
will then be downloadable via KNewStuff. An avalanche of new examples 
might see the light.


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