[kde-edu]: KGHNS2: How to use it...

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Sun May 27 19:59:17 CEST 2007


These are my findings...

In your cpp file you do:

    KNS::Engine engine;
    KNS::Entry::List entries = engine.downloadDialogModal();

in the kalzium.knsrc you put:

    TargetDir=kalzium/data/molecules # becomes 

In the molecules.xml (see 
http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/www/sites/edu/kalzium/molecules.xml?view=markup ) 
you add information where the other files are. Those other files contain for 
example the information about the score but of course also which files the 
user can download. That is (of course) the most important thing. The file for 
Kalzium is this:


Yes, the content is just a dummy-XML, I am just writing a script which created 
real content.

Ok, I hope this is correct. Joseph: I really tried to do it correctly, but 
even now it isn't really working. Perhaps you can enlighten us if my approach 
is wrong or right... Perhaps KGHNS2 is simply not yet working...

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