[kde-edu]: an idea for development of "Klass"

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Fri May 25 18:21:28 CEST 2007

Dear Vivek,

thanks for your ideas.

What comes closest to your requirements (to my knowledge) is some WIMS 
applications in Maths. These ask pupils to explain their preceedings 
step by step to guide them along. However, there are no fancy 
animations of mickymouse (huh!) teachers or virtual blackboards - 
everything happens in your browser.

Maybe your "Klass" could be a GUI for some web based elearning backend 


P.S.: Should the teacher avatar be animated/voiced?

Am Freitag 25 Mai 2007 07:55 schrieb vivek kumar:
> Hi
> I am Vivek Kumar, an engineer by profession, but extremely concerned
> about means and ways of education. I have the following observations
> when it comes to reading yourself 
> (1) The video lectures are large 
> files and difficult to download, all the times. Streaming gives
> extremely poor quality with respect to the speeds at which we access.
> But, most importantly videos are not interactive. (2) Presentations
> are also a kind of "static", and it might or might not engage many
> students. However, at any rate, the student does not carry complete
> class with him, when reading by himself at home. 

> I have an idea in my 
> mind which might help in such situations, although i am not very sure
> about it. Is it possible to develop a application, that simulates the
> class on the computer? Below I list the features and requirements
> which i feel are at the core (although they might not be complete).
> Let us call the application Klass. 
> (1)  It will have a 
> black/white/color-board, which will be capable of displaying all
> text, including maths, graphs, just like the normal blackcoards. (2)
> The user will be able to choose a teacher. The teacher might,
> actually be, different characters, may-be, micky mouse,
> uncle-scrooch. (3) In the Klass, the teacher will teach the user i.e.
> student, using the blackboard. (4) Klass will teach according to the
> notes, prepared by the students or teachers themselves. (5) Klass
> will be intelligent enough to help students in taking the notes. For
> example, while writing a theorem, Klass can prompt for the student to
> write the proof as well. (6) If you see the hierarchy, students first
> listen the lecture and take notes, then comes video lectures, then
> books etc. but while revising students can start with Klass, if
> unsure go to video lectures, if still unsure go to
> books/lecture-notes etc. So Klass will actually smoothen the
> transtion while revision process and many a times fasten as well. It
> will supplement other materials. (7) Most importantly, it will be
> short files, easily downloadable over the net. By now you must have 
> a got feel for the idea, and many features could actually be imagined
> and added to it, and for making the mail short, I have ignored them.
> Although, I am not an expert programmer, I would like to wirte a
> program to do this. I am not sure about how to go about it and thats
> the reason, I joined this mailing list. I would be extremely thankful
> if someone, helps me in this endevour. Thanking you.
> Vivek Kumar

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