[kde-edu]: foreach over containers

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jan 14 18:25:46 CET 2007

Hi, this is just a mail to explain how foreach works.

when you do
foreach( X, container<T> )
the thing that is returned to be put on X is a element of type "const T".
So X can either be
const T
const &T
the best of the three is const &T as it avoids calling the copy constructor.

If you look closely, you sill see that the only of the three that returns the 
real value in the container is const &T, that means you can not modify the 
container elements using a foreach, you have to use iteratots for modifying 
the container contents.

And we have some code that tries to do that on 

for example
    foreach( KEduVocExpression exp, m_vocabulary )
is a no-op

Peter, can you fix it?


P.S: I'm sending a simple example code for the non believers ;-)
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