[kde-edu]: trunk/playground/edu

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Fri Feb 9 09:29:08 CET 2007


> If you have some time tomorrow, could you please check out that module and
> fix things that are broken? Thanks in advance, it'll be great if it can
> build.

I had a look at it this morning.

I disabled Physiks from build as if Swig is not found then the whome module 
cannot be built. In order to readd Physiks in the build this needs to be 
fixed so that if Swig is not found then Physiks only is not built. I am not 
familiar enough with CMake to do it.

I added step in build but I had to remove std:: before 2 commands in order for 
it to compile here, I hope that won't break it for other people, please 

What's the status of KMathTool? It is not ported to Cmake, should I do it or 
should I leave it alone?
Same for KVerbos and KEduLaunch?


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