[kde-edu]: kdeedu precompiled win32 apps

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue Feb 6 08:34:42 CET 2007

Le Tuesday 06 February 2007 02:09:49 Ben Crawford, vous avez écrit :
> Does anyone know if/where I might be able to get a copy of some precompiled
> kdeedu apps for win32?  I'll take either kde4 or kde3.
> I am aware of the kde4 testing on win32 but I haven't been able to get it
> working on my machine just yet.
> What I had in mind was using some of the kdeedu stuff in the classroom this
> year but with no GNU/Linux at the school I am limited.  I am looking into
> bootable USB drives to do the trick, but I won't have time for that until
> late March at the earliest.
> Thanks,
> Ben
You have to ask on kde-windows mailing list as I am not sure any of us here in 
kdeedu is building KDE apps on Windows.
KDE4 is still a work in progress so it means that KDE4 edu programs will 
probably compile but some will lack some functionalities. For example 
KHangMan does not display the animated hanged K at the moment (due to switch 
to svg based graphics and some tweaking is still required).
At school you can use Live CDs, Edubuntu has nearly all KDE-Edu programs on 
its Live CD. Mandriva also sells a bootable USB key on which you can add 
programs. Of course this is costly!



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