[kde-edu]: KAlgebra addition proposal

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 5 18:36:01 CET 2007

Alle 03:37, lunedì 5 febbraio 2007, Aleix ha scritto:
> I am sending this message because I'd like to add KAlgebra into
> KDE-Edu. With this intention I entered the freenode #kde-edu channel
> where I was said to write a little intro about my project so you could
> answer me.

KAlgebra is quite nice as application, it has some functions KmPlot has not - 
but KmPlot has viceversa interesting functions KAlgebra has not.
From my point of view, having both in KDE-Edu is not an ideal situation. 
KDE-Edu should offer a single good solution instead of two similar 
appplications that partially overlap themselves, even because Edu is a big 
module on its own...
The best solution would be have the functions of both in a single application, 
with a simple interface (the one of KmPlot is quite nice, while I have to say 
that the KAlbegra one is quite poor - but it's a personal view).


Pino Toscano
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