[kde-edu]: KAlgebra addition proposal

Aleix aleixpol at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 18:24:39 CET 2007

On 2/5/07, RalfGesellensetter <rgx at gmx.de> wrote:
> Am Montag 05 Februar 2007 03:37 schrieb Aleix:
> > Hi kde-edu,
> > I am sending this message because I'd like to add KAlgebra into
> > KDE-Edu. With this intention I entered the freenode #kde-edu channel
> > where I was said to write a little intro about my project so you
> > could answer me.
> Dear Aleix,
> thank you for telling us about KAlgebra. I must admit: Although I have
> been monitoring free math software quite a while, I never heard of it
> before.
> Do you plan to include a CAS (computer algebra system) like yacas into
> KAlgebra?

I am planning to do some algebra support (it has begun in fact, I can do
some simplifications and so), I am not planning to use anything else.

What surplus/differences do you see against KMplot?

I have the console and 3D, support for functions. I've used kmplot, I think
its 2D graph widget is better than mine and they have some options like
integration and differenciation that I don't have.

Do you know of unignuplot, kmatplot or graphcalc? Do you seen any sense
> in merging in?

I don't know where the merge could benefit us, but could be a possibility, I
don't know.

Do you know of GeoGebra? I believe that its approach is the widest and
> the most general, as it can represent objects (e.g. a circle) both,
> graphically and algebraic. Thus it combines a dynamic geometry system
> with a dynamic funciton plotter and includes even elements of a CAS.
> Maybe it is a good idea to port GeoGebra to Qt/KDE...

I didn't know this project. Screenshots are very nice, I'll try it out when
I'm at home. Anyway, I think it is out of my scope, KAlgebra is much

Kind regards
> Ralf.

Lots of thanks!

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