[kde-edu]: copyright & kvtml and still a lot of things to do - get involved

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Wed Dec 12 12:13:42 CET 2007

Hi list,

lazy as I am, also not a lawyer, I had no answer to the copyleft question.
I talked to someone who knows it better today, so here is what I found out:
Contributions to the KDE-project which includes the kvtml stuff have to be 
according to:

This boils down to GPL/LGPL or BSD basically.

CC (Creative Commons) is not accepted by Debian as free.
Debian has high and good copyright standards, so if we want redistributable 
files, it would be great to adhere to that.

Of course for personal use, do not care about this. But keep in mind, to let 
everyone profit the above licenses are best.
As far as I know the FDL (free document license) is also problematic with 
Debian, the reason to simply suggest using GPLv2 or later in Parley.

Now you might think I'm lazy (you would be right), because I'll call for help 

We now have about 100 vocabulary documents, some without license some with 
rather unknown origin.

I do not want to have to keep up with this mess and keep adding them manually 
to the website.
I wrote a little script to quickly generate the necessary html for the web 
site an the Get Hot New Stuff (Download new vocabulary from within the 
program) files.

So far this is not very useful, as lots of information is not in the files.
I would really like it if someone helped with looking at the files, eventually 
contacting authors and cleaning up in general.

It will be very easy to have one page for each language which only lists the 
documents that contain a certain language for example.

If you have a little time to spare and want to get involved, please let me 

I'd also love to have people that are good in writing texts, to get better 
info on the web pages and to contact some other projects which have lots of 
vocabularies to find out if we can cooperate with them (or at least steal 
their data ;).

All these things do not involve programming (join doing that as well if you 
like to). And I know they are not very exiting at first, but talking to many 
cool geeky people that produce interesting stuff will be fun.
So come on, let's get this mess cleaned up.


Oh, and drop in at #kde-edu on freenode irc.

El Sunday 09 December 2007, RalfGesellensetter escribió:
> Am Sonntag 09 Dezember 2007 schrieb Falk Dechent:
> > The secure way might be to take them from wikipedia. but there are
> > also a lot if different ones: gnufdl sharealike and so on.
> Hi, your concerns are very sound - and even pictures from wikipedia
> cannot just be taken away without quoting the author (in general).
> Your question is maybe also: where to put the copyright/license info for
> any file? If you share the kvtml on a server, you can put it in an
> archive together with a copyright info. But if you upload the file to
> KDE New hot stuff?
> Maybe you just revealed the need to add additional tags for copyright
> information directly in the kvtml file.
> But IANAL -
> Regards
> Ralf.
> PS: Openclipart.org might be yet another source for pics.
> PPS: If you are looking for fotographs, try to get public domain
> fotos as from U.S. governmental institutions.
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