[kde-edu]: Element names and origin of names in Kalzium

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Sat Dec 1 10:45:15 CET 2007

Am Samstag 01 Dezember 2007 07:45:40 schrieb Yukiko Bando:
> Element names and origin of the names in Kalzium are all displayed in
> English in Japanese locale. It seems that translations from libkdeedu.po
> are not used. Does anyone else see the same problem?
You mean strings like "Greek 'hydro' and 'gennao' for 'forms water'"?

They are extracted to libkdeedu, there is kdeedu/kalzium/src/kalzium.cpp:148:     
KGlobal::locale()->insertCatalog( "libkdeedu" ); in the source, but I also 
see no translation in german.

Burkhard Lück

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