[kde-edu]: [RFC] removing ExtDate

John Layt johnlayt at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 14 19:06:06 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 14 Aug 2007, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> > Right, so this makes KStars the only actual user of ExtDateTime.
> so if kstars is no longer using ExtDateTime, can we remove it?  Anyone
> that's using it still, speak up or we'll try removing it :)
> Jeremy

Just a FYI, I've almost finished porting the KCalendarSystem* classes and 
KDate* widgets over to the extended QDate range, so KDE4.0 will fully support 
dates from Julian 2 Jan -4713 to Gregorian 31 Dec 9999 (current upper limit 
due to date format issues).  Not exactly astronomical or even geological time 
spans, but certainly useful for historic purposes.  Just beware the QDate 
switchover from Julian to Gregorian, not exactly standard.  I'll be adding a 
proper proleptic Gregorian in 4.1 for those who need it.

I've also done a major clean-up of the KCalendarSystem API and implementation, 
so if you do need to keep ExtDate then let me know and I'll lend a hand to 
bring it back into sync




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