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Subject: [REMINDER] KDE 4.0 Milestones
Date: Mittwoch 18 April 2007 13:55
From: Allen Winter <winter at kde.org>
To: kde-devel at kde.org, kde-core-devel at kde.org

Hi KDE Devs,

Just a reminder of the KDE 4.0 milestones coming soon:

Milestone: Alpha Release + kdelibs soft API Freeze, 1 May 2007
  The kdelibs API is frozen.
  This means that the classes and interfaces are not allowed to change,
  except with permission of the core developers.  To make an API
 change, post a kdelibs API exception request to the kde-core-devel
 mailinglist with an explanation and the code. If there are no
 objections after a week, the change can be committed.
      NOTE: all affected modules must continue to compile and work as

Milestone: New Application Freeze and Usability+Accessibility Review, 8
 May 2007 All applications expected to be released with KDE 4.0 must:
 + use the new cmake buildsystem
 + compile with Qt4.3 and kdelibs 4.0. (Using Q3Support and/or
 kde3support is ok, though not desired) + have a handbook (that at
 least describes what the application does) + New applications must be
 committed into kdereview for review + Resurrected applications must be
 committed back into their KDE main module Start Application Usability
 and Accessibility Review continuing until the start of the Beta Cycle

Allen, KDE-PIM Release Dude

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