[kde-edu]: New KNS protocol

Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Sat Sep 16 18:11:06 CEST 2006


let me quickly present the current idea for the new data model.
There is a [i18n] tag for translatable entries, if more should be translatable 
or more meta info should be added let me know.

1) Providers

Providers are (similar to the old model) entry points for the applications for 
a specific kind of data. For example, KHangMan has a KHangMan data file 
provider, whose XML file will point to all resources of interest for 
KHangMan. A provider can as well list multiple types of data, for example 
games often will need artwork and levels at the same time.
Users should *not* necessarily have to know who the provider is but they 
should be able to know if they want to.

The question is, do we want to translate provider names and maybe 
descriptions? I don't think it's necessary right now. Therefore, providers 
have the following data model:

* name
* download URL
* upload URL
* icon

2) Categories

Each provider offers categories, where each category is a certain data type, 
for example a level or another data file.

The data model is:
* name [i18n]
* description [i18n]
* icon

As can be seen, this is a lot better than in the old KNS version.
I think that if the icon is not set, the provider icon should be used, and 
otherwise the provider icon is not displayed in the normal case.
Categories is similar to what the icons in the left navigation bar (icon view) 
were in the old KNS.

3) Entries

This is what you saw in a single tab: The data files themselves.

Data model:
* name [i18n]
* summary [i18n]
* preview [i18n] <--- do we really need translatable preview screenshots?
* payload [i18n]
* licence, author name, author email, ... and others

4) Feeds

Now it gets interesting. This is what the tabs were for but it must be more 
flexible. Therefore, there are feeds for "most recent", "most downloaded" 
and "highest rating" but there should also be subscriptions to favourites.
In fact, for small providers there could as well be a feed "all entries".

The categories and feeds are displayed as non-intrusive combo boxes.


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