[kde-edu]: [Plotting] Offset/margin for data

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Mon Oct 30 17:54:02 CET 2006


Imagine a dataset from 5 to 120 (x) and 1 to 200 (y).

I think there should be a way to plot that data like this:

1.) Creating the KPlotObject and adding all QPointF's to it
2.) Tell the KPlotWidget: Plot this object
3.) Tell the KPlotWidget to plot so that the data fits perfectly with an n% 
offset (margin). In this case the widget would plot from lets say 0 to 125 
and -3 to 204 or something.

Advantage: The app-devels wouldn't need to care about this (like Jasons fixed 
Kalzium some hours ago), they would just tell the KPlotWidget to take care of 
an offset.
Of course we'd need to agree on the value of n for the default-percentage and 
we'd need a setOffsetPercentage( double value ). I vote for 5% default. 
Perhaps we'd also need an setAllowNegativeValueOffset( bool b ) because often 
negative value don't make any sense (size of persons against their weight).
Perhaps we'd need those setting per axis...


  Carsten Niehaus
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