[kde-edu]: edu.kde.org new look

Matthias Messmer matthias at familie-messmer.de
Tue Oct 3 20:21:06 CEST 2006

Hi list!

Am Montag, 2. Oktober 2006 19:40 schrieb Matthias Messmer:
> I just added a site.inc file to the repository to migrate to the new
> layout. I didn't change any page content.

After some further chatting we found out that site.inc shall replace the 
media/includes/<site>.inc files. Remember that you had to insert a 
include( "edu.inc" ); in all your php scripts...

I moved the complete content of media/includes/edu.inc to site.inc. Then I 
removed the line include( "edu.inc" ); from every file in edu.kde.org cause 
site.inc is included automagically. Finally I removed media/includes/edu.inc 
from the repository.

That effected a lot of files. So please check the site, especially your pages 
if the content is displayed correctly.

Best regards!

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