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Markus Büchele Markus.Buechele at web.de
Sat Nov 25 13:34:10 CET 2006

Hello Annema, this is the posting I talked about on the dot.

Ideas for implementation of vocabulary test screen in KVocTrain:

Examination Screen


TextLabels and LineEdits have the same functions as in the query screen, 
except the progress and time counters. While the progress counter shows the 
number of words dealt with  compared to the total number of words in form of a 
progress bar, the time counter does this with the time spent compared to the 
total time (seconds per word * number of words).


Don't know: go to next word and clear translation textfield

Next word: go to next word (chosen by default if pressing Enter)

End exam: go to examination result screen

"the four arrows": jump back to first word / go back one word / go forward one 
word / jump to last word

An examination should ideally go like that:

1. Configuration options before start:
- English-German / German-English / or randomly changing (as possible for the
- seconds before Close button in Examination Result Screen becomes visible
- seconds per word in examination (sth. similar exists for queries)
2. The words of the selected unit(s) are put in a random order.
3. The person examined enters the translations. Pressing Enter or the
  appropriate buttons brings him/her to the next word.
4. The person examined can jump in between the words by using the arrow
 The translations already entered stay in the translation field even if the
 person has not pressed enter for that word before.
5. Examining ends when the time is up or after pressing the End exam button. 

Examination Result Screen

Close Button

The Close button should NOT show up beforer a specified time that can be 
configured in the options menu of KVocTrain.


The LineEdits show the absolute and percentage numbers of correct/incorrect 
words of the selected unit(s).

Last but NOT LEAST: When starting the examination mode, opening a second 
KVocTrain has to be disabled. A witty pupil would certainly not take long to 
discover that short cut to good results ;-)
Full-screen mode for the examination screen wouldn't be a bad idea either.

I hope that this clarifies most questions about the design. If you 
have doubts, problems, etc., please feel free to ask.
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