[kde-edu]: KEduca Replacement

Roger Borrell borrellroger at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 13 10:37:49 CET 2006

Long time ago I try to use Keduca but I founded that was not fiting my 
targets. I'm a teacher(compuetrs teacher) and a Linux user also, we have in 
the school servers under Linux too, so would had made use of it. I tried to 
join kde-edu to rebuild Keduca but I found that was too dificult to start 
studing C++ (I know only C and Java) and the kde4 libraries. At that time 
(last summer) I didin't knew anybody that was on the project and I don't 
enough to lead a project like that so just gave up.
I have a hard time finding a time to colaborate but I would love to do a 
few, I can't give it a try again and talk about the limitations that made me 
think was unsable.

Thank you in advance

>From: Henrique Pinto <henrique.pinto at kdemail.net>
>Reply-To: kde-edu at kde.org
>To: kde-edu at kde.org
>Subject: [kde-edu]: KEduca Replacement
>Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 16:17:34 -0200
>Hi all,
>Some time ago, I removed KEduca from trunk, because the code was in bad
>state and it would be easier to rewrite it from scratch. Unfortunately, at
>that time, kdelibs was pretty broken for me. All apps would crash on
>startup, so it was difficult for me to work on anything.
>I talked with some KEduca users about what features they would like to have
>in the software, and received some suggestions. Unfortunately, I don't know
>many KEduca users. The suggestions I received were:
>  * New kinds of questions: In addition to the single/multiple choice
>    questions, there should be:
>    - a "regex" question (where the user enters free-text in an input box,
>      and the answer is considered valid if it matches a configured regular
>      expression.
>    - a "cloze" question, where the user must fill in the blanks in a
>      sentence, i.e., something like:
>      "___ doesn't play dice -- Albert Einstein".
>  * A locked-down mode, where the "player" program would run in full-screen
>    and the user could not do things like changing to other apps.
>My current plans are:
>1) Initially, develop a widget that can display tests and create a library
>for it. It would consist of a View, which would be the widget itself, and a
>model describing the quiz. This way it would be easy to do things like
>auto-generating a test (you'd just have to subclass the model and add code
>for generating the questions).
>2) Then, we'd need a editor for creating tests (i.e., a replacement for
>KEduca Editor). I could not find a stardard file format for tests, so I'll
>probably create a XML format.
>3) Then, a Player. It should replace the program keduca, and it would be
>nice if it could, in addition to load tests from files saved by the editor,
>get tests from a server.
>What do you think?
>	Henrique Pinto
>	henrique.pinto at kdemail.net
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