[kde-edu]: KnoGa vs. gTali (Kniffel/Yahtzee)

RalfGesellensetter Ralf.Gesellensetter at web.de
Wed May 31 19:26:32 CEST 2006

Hi Albert,

Am Montag 29 Mai 2006 19:45 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> As jason said, i've coded http://home.gna.org/kiriki/

Great, thanks, looks really close to GTali ;)
> > - is there anybody ready to have a look if KnoGa is worth to be
> > part of kdeedu?
> Nah, i don't see the educative sense on it.

There are some borderline edutainment apps like katomics / sokoban. 
Gtali however is really rather a game. However, then, I consider it 
wise to split such kind of games from arcade stuff.
> > - could we get a working java-applet into KDE using those qt/java
> > bindings?
> Java applets already work on Konqueror if you have java installed and
> properly configured.

that's for sure. what I meant is integrating/re-using code to create 
native apps for kde.


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