[kde-edu]: Kig help needed! Don't know what do demo...

Maurizio Paolini paolini at dmf.unicatt.it
Thu Jan 26 11:41:44 CET 2006

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 10:19:28AM +0100, Carsten Niehaus wrote:

> http://dmf.unicatt.it/~paolini/conferenze/vicenza2005/
> Not one .kig-file works with kig from 3.5-branch. The format "plain" is not 
> supported KIG is telling me.... Can you help here?

How strange!  I just tried the following (with success)

- I reinstalled the kde 3.5 "kdeedu"  ( # yum install kdeedu )
  $ kig --version
  Qt: 3.3.4
  KDE: 3.5.0-0.4.fc4 Red Hat
  Kig: v0.10.5

- $ konqueror "http://dmf.unicatt.it/~paolini/conferenze/vicenza2005/"
  then click on "inizia la presentazione"
  then "right-click" on the first example (cerchio.kig) and choose 
  "Preview in KigPart" (or "Open with Kig")

  and you get the kig window... either within konqueror or as an
  external program.


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