[kde-edu]: Sugg: Framework for Science Meters

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Mon Jan 16 19:15:10 CET 2006

Dear David,

only now I found your posting (kmail doesn't sort threads by latest but 
by first posting).

Am Donnerstag 15 Dezember 2005 01:19 schrieb David Saxton:
> KTechlab (http://ktechlab.org) is a tool for electronic circuits and
> microcontrollers - not an application framework for science meters.
> But it (in subversion, at least) it provides all the things that were
> mentioned in this discussion - and so I thought it might be worth
> mentioning anyway:

Thanks for pointing to ktechlab, looks promising! However it reminds me 
rather to ksimus. I consider doing some screenshots of what I'd expect:

-> KLab could be a free replacement of Cassylab or CorEx:


This survey lists collects further (nonfree) software for measuring:

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