[kde-edu]: Missing or wrong in Copyright. 169 errors in kdeedu-trunk!

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 01:13:44 CEST 2006

> > licensecheck is extremely out-of-date with recent work in this area
> > and probably should be removed. You're much better off using
> > www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org which has the most current license and
> > copyright checking work.
> Couldn't ebn dudes update the licensecheck script with the script they use
> then?

Couldn't someone else?  :) They are both in SVN.
(trunk/playground/devtools/krazy). The EBN script has a structure to
it that licensecheck doesn't have so it might require some creative
copy-and-pasting. I'm not willing to update it because they will just
start to drift apart again over time.

And all of this hasn't even mentioned the check_licenses script that
is in the same directory as licensecheck and is probably a little
better than licensecheck but still not as good as the EBN check. -AND-
there is a copied version of licensecheck somewhere else that was run
during cvs commits (I'm not sure if it is still done with svn) but I
don't remember where it is. That is the most out-of-date one.

I think the best thing to so is to remove everything except the Krazy
scripts (because that is the most visible one and not because I've
done the most work on it :) ) but I have very little to do with kdesdk
and even less with the commit system so I haven't removed anything

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