[kde-edu]: Starting work in KDE4

Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Sat Apr 22 19:02:44 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I'm now at a point where I would like to get my hands dirty with QT4/KDE4 but 
since the developer.kde.org page lacks quite a bit of information about how 
to do that best, I'd just wanted to ask you guys first before wasting hours 
to get a system running.

If someone knows a good tutorial/FAQ about this issue, or mailing list 
article, please point it out to me - didn't find any myself :-(

Anyway, I have a nicely working KDE 3.5.2 system and I downloaded and compiled 
qt-copy from TRUNK. Now while I can set the important KDEDIR and QTDIR 
environment variables on a konsole window, and compile the trunk kdelibs as 
well, I don't know how to get a KDE4 program (e.g. KTouch) actually running 
on a KDE 3.5.2 desktop. Is that actually possible and what's the best way to 
do it?


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