[kde-edu]: Switching to cmake

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Sat Apr 22 12:15:52 CEST 2006

Alle 00:12, sabato 22 aprile 2006, Jason Harris ha scritto:
> Pino Toscano wrote:
> > - KStars: I don't know what is the current state of KStarts about the
> > compilation with cmake and about the configure checks. If anyone of the
> > KStart team (Jason? ;) ) could explain it, it'd be fine.
> KStars compiles fine with cmake right now.

Yes, I already saw that KStars compile fine. What I was referring to are also 
the configure checks: I see a kstars/configure.in.in with 3 checks, and it 
seems they're actually missing or implemented only partially (for example I 
see no check for libusb). If they need to be written, I have to problem doing 
this job, just let me know ;)

> The only issue is some 
> custom scripting we have in our Makefile.am to extract strings from data
> files.  This code needs to be placed into the Messages.sh (is that the
> right name?) file that cmake expects.

If I recall correctly the "might-be" procedure for message extraction in kde4, 
the it should be completely decoupled from the build system, so there's no 
need to make cmake call that script.


Pino Toscano
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