[kde-edu]: KTouch - dead key bug

Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Sun Apr 9 02:09:36 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I have a problem here that I can't solve by myself. I got a report that KTouch 
doesn't handle dead keys properly. However, it seems to work on some systems, 
and on others it doesn't (it doesn't work on mine with KDE 3.4.2). So at 
first, if you have a second, could you maybe test whether this works on your 
computer and tell me which KDE version you use if it does?

Secondly, I believe that somewhere in the Qt system there must be a way to 
tell the difference between the keypress event and the receiving of a 
completely composed key (after "adding in" the dead key). It makes sense to 
me that a keypress event blindly reports any key that is pressed, and as such 
also dead keys. But how can I get only the final key?

Or, if I manually decompose dead keys and final keys, for instance I notice 
that the user presses ^ and then o I need to know that the final character is 
ô ... does anyone know an elegant way how to get that from ^ and o without 
adding X11 specific code?

Finally, an important part of the functionality in KTouch is that keys to be 
pressed are highlighted. So for example, when the student is required to type 
a è, should I highlight the LEFT_SHIFT, the ` and the e at the same time or 
rather LEFT_SHIFT and ` and then e once I got the keypress event for ` ?


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