[kde-edu]: Question about Kig scripting

Miguel Marco mmarco at unizar.es
Mon Oct 17 16:43:43 CEST 2005


I plan to use Kig in a course of linear geometry i am teaching. I hev found 
most of the features i need in it, but i have a little trouble to calculate 
the ration determined by three points in a line.

I have done a scirpt that returns a point whose coordinates are (r,0), where r 
is the number i am looking for, and then take the x coordinate of it, but the 
problems is that, as i move the points, this resulting point moves too, and 
also does the label with its x coordinate, making it go outside the screen in 
some cases.

So my question would be: is there a way of creating a script that gives a 
result a text label? Or otherways: is there a way to make the text label 
corresponding to a point remain fixed?

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Marco

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