[kde-edu]: deleted kturtle from trunk

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Wed Nov 2 00:56:25 CET 2005

Am Samstag 29 Oktober 2005 14:18 schrieb cies:
> hi all,
> i, cies breijs, just deleted kturtle from trunk since im rewriting
> it, so no need to port it...
> hopefully i have something usefull in time (it looks promissing)

Hi Cies,

thank you for this news, sounds very promising. As a teacher I used 
different logo versions - and I know other collegues from the 
skolelinux list which are longig for an adequat replacement for 
non-free Logo implementations.

I just learned, that one of those (Jochen G.) had already been in 
contact with you. This makes me wonder what would be the best place to 
put suggestions for the version to come?

This includes:
1. Localised commands should follow common conventions (vorwaerts 
instead of bewegeum). The same for their acronyms (vw = fw)

2. Commands should be executable one by one (instantly). Multiline code 
should be provided by procedures ("Learn MyProcedure") - if you want to 
check out what I mean you may try MSWLogo (freeware) in Wine.....

3. Watch variables (maybe also breakpoints).

Further Suggestions:

A. have a selection of 2-3 different turtles (in German we call it 
"Igel" = hedgehog, some might prefer a more technical cursor)

B. make the pen (turtle, porcupine) always watch in the current 
direction.  This is not too easy for bitmaps (how about svg?), so maybe 
there must be a containing geometric object (triangle, arrow)?

C. draw interactivlely using your mouse (buttons to click on) or your 
keyboard (arrow keys) and create the corresponding code this way.

So far for now, I would be glad if any of these ideas would contribute 
to your work.


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