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Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Fri May 13 17:06:21 CEST 2005

Hi Liviu,

at first I must say that I'm impressed by your progress. I remember send a mail about your evolutionary system a year ago already and this is a nice program you have there and the GUI seems usable and fairly simple structured. At least I understood the principles just by clicking around. If there is any scientific documentation (didn't you publish a paper about the algorithm) it would be nice to have it included in the program. For a start the FAQ seems a good source of information.

As for adding the program to KDE-EDU, I'm not quite sure whether this is the right KDE-module. It would make a great addition to the various KDE applications and we will surely add a link and reference to the KDE-EDU webpage once it is added. But since it is a tool for school administration rather then for teaching it doesn't really fit the scheme and purpose of KDE-EDU (IMHO). However, since it is closely related to education and surely a very powerful and useful tool for schools, we really should make a note or reference to the future KDE-FET project page on the KDE-EDU webpage.

As for adding your tool to KDE, it should preferably reside in module EXTRAGEAR (see extragear.kde.org). For a start just send a mail to the kde-mailing list, asking for an account for the purpose to add a new program to the KDE-playground. Someone will get back to you via normal mail then and sort out the account.

Then you can port your program to KDE (right now it is QT, so it should be ported to support at least the KDE mainwindow and the KDE configuration system). The porting should be fairly simple, if you need help setting up such a project, don't hesitate to ask us or anyone in the kde-devel group.

Once FET is ported to KDE and you are happy with it, you can ask to move it to KDE-extragear where it will become a part of future KDE releases.

I hope that info helps somewhat and I think your program will be a very nice and useful addition to KDE!


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