[kde-edu]: Announcement: Stopmotion 0.2 release

Fredrik Berg Kjølstad fredrik.kjoelstad at hig.no
Wed Mar 30 18:42:13 CEST 2005

Stopmotion has now reached its 0.2 release and has begun to stabilize.

Stopmotion is a multimedia application for creating stop motion animations:

It now ships without gstreamer as it caused to many problems and was
generally to buggy at this stage. Instead we support using external 
transparently to grab frames and use these to create video.

The replacement of gstreamer has two major advantages: Easier to get the
program working for the users, especially on older linux distributions,
and indirect support for most of the conceivable input devices.

We hope to reintroduce gstreamer as an optional way of importing video
later when it have had some more time to mature (and when our nightmares
have begun to fade :-) ).

The following additional features are added:
-Preference handling and storing
-Support for norwegian and english through menu options (because we are
 using Qt you have to restart the application for this to work).
-Scenes as collections of frames.
-Improved GUI
-Playing of sound connected to frames
-Completed undo and redo functionality for scenes and frames.
-Mixing of previous frames onto the live camera so that the user can
 stage the next frame in relation to up to the last five frames.
-Improved soul

We now enter the fifth iteration where we will complete the remaining core
functionality such as video export, more advanced grab options and some
additional candy functionality.

After this we will commit full time to testing, bugfixing, optimizing and
translation some weeks.

Fredrik and Bjoern

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