[kde-edu]: Scripts to release a standalone-release (KStars and Kalzium are working)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Jun 21 15:15:18 CEST 2005

Did you know the existance of svn2dist in kdesdk/scripts?

It seems to do the same you do here.


A Dimarts 21 Juny 2005 14:55, Carsten Niehaus va escriure:
> Hi
> I commited two scripts in kdeedu:
>   kdeedu/kstars/release_kstars.rb
> and
>   kdeedu/kalzium/release_kalzium.rb
> === How do they work? ===
> Example. Jason thinks for the LinuxTag there should be a standalone-release
> of the current trunk. This might come handy if Carsten is on the LinuxTag
> and every second guy asks: "Where can I download KStars. It is oh-so-cool!"
> (this happend last time I was there). With this release Carsten could tell
> Joe User: Download this file, it compiles out of the box, no need for
> subversion and you don't need to wait until you distribution provides you
> with KDE 3.5 which won't be released until September...
> So Jason enters kdeedu/kstars and types ./release_kstars.rb, drinks a
> coffee and is done :-) Only one questions needs to be answered (the
> versionnumber of the version. If that is "3.5-preview" the tarball will be
> "kstars-3.5-preview.tar.bz2".)
> The scripts packs the docs in all available langs and will also compile all
> available po-files. At the end of the run it will ask you for you
> gnupg-password and create a gnupg-signature file called
> "kstars-3.5-preview.tar.bz2.sig".
> Options:
> ./release_kstars.rb --noi18n --nogpg
> With --noi18n neither docs nor i18n will be fetched
> With --nogpg the scripts won't create the signature
> This script could even be generalized so that it will work on all
> kdeedu-applications. Is there an interest for that?
> Jason: I hope you make use of that script. It is really really easy to use
> and only needs Ruby 1.6 which come with pretty much ever distro. Feedback
> is very welcome.
> Carsten

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