[kde-edu]: Scripts to release a standalone-release (KStars and Kalzium are working)

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Tue Jun 21 14:55:52 CEST 2005


I commited two scripts in kdeedu:




=== How do they work? ===

Example. Jason thinks for the LinuxTag there should be a standalone-release of 
the current trunk. This might come handy if Carsten is on the LinuxTag and 
every second guy asks: "Where can I download KStars. It is oh-so-cool!" (this 
happend last time I was there). With this release Carsten could tell Joe 
User: Download this file, it compiles out of the box, no need for subversion 
and you don't need to wait until you distribution provides you with KDE 3.5 
which won't be released until September...

So Jason enters kdeedu/kstars and types ./release_kstars.rb, drinks a coffee 
and is done :-) Only one questions needs to be answered (the versionnumber of 
the version. If that is "3.5-preview" the tarball will be 
The scripts packs the docs in all available langs and will also compile all 
available po-files. At the end of the run it will ask you for you 
gnupg-password and create a gnupg-signature file called 


./release_kstars.rb --noi18n --nogpg

With --noi18n neither docs nor i18n will be fetched
With --nogpg the scripts won't create the signature

This script could even be generalized so that it will work on all 
kdeedu-applications. Is there an interest for that?

Jason: I hope you make use of that script. It is really really easy to use and 
only needs Ruby 1.6 which come with pretty much ever distro. Feedback is very 

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